Les Châtaigniers

Morbihan, Brittany, France








Terms and Conditions

1.  The rental agreement for the property shall be under French Law but subject mainly to the jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales under the Brussels Regulation.

2.  The agreement shall be between the parties named in the completed booking form, for the rental of the property for the period of time stipulated therein, commencing and terminating on the dates and times specified. The property,  "Les Châtaigniers", is described in the website.

3. The rent for the period shall be as stated on the booking form. A 20% deposit shall be payable on booking with the balance payable six weeks before the commencement of the rental period. In the event of non-payment the booking will be cancelled and the advance payment forfeited.

4. A returnable "damage deposit" of £200 shall be advanced with the final payment. This deposit does not constitute "arrhes" or "dédit" and the parties waive the provisions of Article 1590 of the French Civil Code.

5. The rent shall include water, electricity and bottled gas.

6. The tenant undertakes to look after the property and to replace any of the contents that may be damaged (like for like) or to advise the landlord or his agent of any repairs that may be required and to agree a reasonable payment for said damages (if they are beyond fair wear an tear and occasioned during the rental period). The tenant further undertakes not to cause disturbance to occupiers of neighbouring properties and in particular not to make any noise audible outside the property between 2300 hours and 0700 hours.

7. The tenant undertakes to limit the occupancy of the property to a maximum of seven people and to leave the property at or before the agreed time on the agreed day. The tenant and his or her family/guests shall not bring pets or animals on to the property. Tenants are asked not to smoke in the house.

8. The landlord undertakes to maintain the property in working order. The tenant undertakes to provide access for the landlord or his agent to the property for the purpose maintenance. The tenant shall notify the landlord (or his agent) of any defects requiring rectification as soon as practicable.

9. The property shall be left as far as possible in the condition it was in on arrival. In the event that additional cleaning is required  there will be a deduction from the damage deposit.

10. The landlord shall not be liable for:

          a.  temporary stoppages in the supply of public utilities;

          b.  loss, damage or injury resulting from adverse weather conditions, riot, war, strikes or other matters beyond the landlord's control. 


Note of explanation: Rental agreements in France are ultimately governed by French law (determined by physical location) however a  resident of England and Wales letting property to another resident of England and Wales can stipulate under the Brussels Regulation that for the most part disputes can be resolved if necessary under English Law. There is of course an assumption in law that all parties to an agreement behave reasonably. The damage deposit used above is termed a "dépôt de garantie" in french and is the term appropriate to a damage deposit in English Law, hence the clarification that it does not constitute "arrhes" or "dédit" which is not similar to English Law.

Insurance: Tenants are recommended to take out holiday insurance to cover cancellation costs, personal possessions and third party liability.

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