Les Châtaigniers

Morbihan, Brittany, France







Activities and sightseeing

The hamlet is set in open countryside (largely arable land growing cereals and maize), children can cycle safely and be seen by the occasional traffic.

 Views around the hamlet

Beyond the local town of Pluméliau  there is access to the Blavet River at St Nicolas des Eaux with its long distance foot and cycle path. There is also a canoe/kayak station at St Nicolas (July/August). Fishing is available in local rivers. Golf is available at Bieuzy les Eaux.

Cycling along the Blavet

Canoeing at Lake Guerledan

The coast and beaches are approximately 40 minutes away, the beaches North of Lorient being reached most quickly (Fort Blocqué (surf) and Guidel Plage (sailing)), the beaches at Carnac (sailing)/Quiberon (surf/sand yachting) are about 50 minutes away. There are yacht harbours at La Trinité-sur-Mer and Etel. Inland sailing is available at Lac au Duc, nr Ploermel, 30 minutes away.

Surf at Fort Bloqué plage looking toward Guidel and Le Pouldu

Body-boarding at Fort Bloqué

Sightseeing in Morbihan, Brittany

Places to visit in the Blavet valley:

St Nicolas des Eaux village on the Blavet river, canal locks, view from site of Castenac (the site of a neolithic and later Roman fortification)

St Ncolas des Eaux on the river Blavet  ©Blavet.co.uk

Poul Fetan (nr Quistinic) a working 19th Century hamlet

Melrand Lann Gouh ancient settlement (centre archéologique de Melrand)

Camors one of the remaining Breton clogmakers (sabotiers) has a workshop to the South of the town.

Pontivy Château, Nantes-Brest canal/Blavet River

Lake Guerledan reservoir, canoeing, picnic spot

Hennebont National Stud founded by Napoleon III, walled town




Old lavoir at Baud (left) and the Blavet at Pontivy(above) ©Blavet.co.uk

Places to visit in Morbihan

Vannes walled city, aquarium etc

The towers of Elven, Château de Largoët

Josselin Grand Château, medieval town on Nantes-Brest canal

Lac au Duc (Taupont, nr Ploermel) sailing, canoeing, picnic spot

Locminé local market town

Port Louis Citadel and Museum of the French East India Company

Lorient WWII U-boat base (hardened concrete shelters built by the Germans)

Pont-Scorff Zoo

Auray picturesque port of St Goustan

Château de Largoët ©Blavet.co.uk

Carnac ancient stones/ megaliths

Dolmen near Carnac ©Blavet.co.uk

Local Markets

Pontivy  - Monday

Lanester  -  Tuesday

Bubry  -  Wednesday (2nd & 4th of month)

Hennebont  - Thursday

Locminé  -  Thursday

Languidic  -  Friday

Baud  -  Saturday

Locminé market ©Blavet.co.uk

Restaurants and  eating out in Morbihan

See separate page for details, click here

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